• Relaxation reimagined

    Why Vortex

    Our products are all about helping people relax, exercise, socialise and have fun at home.

    We are a design-led wellness company that distributes Spa Pools, Swim Spas, Infrared saunas and Pergolas to over 20 countries around the world.

    By controlling every aspect of our business, from innovation to quality control, to customer support, we can ensure that our products, service and support are second to none.

    Making a spa pool to cope with ever-changing conditions is no easy task. We build spas that can cope with a range of extreme temperatures, from dry heat to freezing cold. Vortex Spas have to handle wind, rain, snow, dust, dirt, sunscreen and the occasional animal.

    That is why dollar for dollar, Vortex spas give you more.

    For example, Clean water is vital and so we have developed a number of really cool technologies that give you the cleanest of water, without the need for bucketloads of harsh chemicals. You have to enjoy using your spa, so we ensure that Vortex's in-spa experience matches that of some other spas out there that can cost twice as much.

    Why our customer's love Vortex!