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    Vortex Hydrozone™

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    • Sièges 5 to 7
    • Dimensions 5.90 x 2.30 x 1.3/1.5m
    • Jets Up to 68

    Why choose a Hydrozone™?

    There is no doubt that the Vortex Hydrozone™ gives you the best of both worlds, combining two completely separate zones to create the multifunctional Hydrozone™ swim spa. At one end you can luxuriate in Vortex’s hydrotherapy-focused spa pool, and at the other enjoy exercise and family fun in the spacious swim spa.


    The water in the two zones is kept completely separate by an internal wall. This feature allows you to set different jet pressures, water temperatures, and other in-spa functions for the spa area and the plunge pool - even when you are using both at the same time.

    Hydrotherapy Seating For Five

    The dual-zoned Hydrozone™ has five hydrotherapy seats in the spa end and the two step seats in the swim end.

    Ergonomic Lounger with Foot Massage

    The Hydrozone™ Swim Spa's hydrotherapy lounger combines upper and lower back massage with fantastic foot massage to bring you a supreme hydrotherapy experience.

    Neck and Shoulder Therapy Seat

    The famous Vortex™ neck and shoulder therapy seat has downward facing 50mm jets specifically designed to massage the back of the neck and the top of the shoulders. 

    Two Back Massage Seats

    A back hydromassage seat with a unique array of jets specifically targeting parts of the lower and upper back.

    One Child / Cool-Down Seat

    Designed to seat you in a higher position to allow you to cool down, or as shallower seat for a child.

    Up To Four Powerful Vortex™ Swim Jets

    From no swim jets in the Plunge™ to four high-volume swim jets and standing cool-down corners in the Extreme™, you can choose the perfect model for your fitness needs.

    Gallery Image

    Hydroflow™ stainless steel jets (Avanté) (2024 models)

    Hydroflow™ Stainless Steel jets use the famous Vortex™ jet design which provides a premium massage.

    Gallery Image

    Hydroglow™ backlit jets and topside controls (Avanté) Hydrozone

    Chromotherapy uses colours to create an environment focused on health and harmony. Hydroglow™ backlit jets and topside control lighting provide an adjustable and variable Chromotherapy experience.

    Gallery Image

    Purezone AOS™ Water Care System (2024 Models)

    Purezone AOS™ is an auto-cleaning system for spa pools, using UV-Ozone tech to clean water and kill bacteria, making upkeep easier. This system is offered for Vortex™ Spas and Swim Spas starting in 2023. You can buy it with your spa or add it on later.

    ClearLift™ Automatic Cover (Optional)

    ClearLift™, a patent-pending, motorized system, makes lifting heavy swim spa covers effortless with just a key turn. Each Vortex Spa comes with a durable cover that insulates and blocks dirt, debris, and unsupervised access by kids. Traditional covers are bulky, up to 1m x 2.3m and over 15kg. ClearLift™ offers quick, easy spa access, enhancing your usage and enjoyment. It's available as an optional upgrade.

    Premium SpaNet™ controller (2024 models)

    The SpaNet SV Series controller is designed to maximise energy savings and deliver the lowest possible daily operating cost for your spa using PowerSmart™ technology like Dynamic Thermal Tuning and SmartFiltration™.

    Jets laminaires Hydroglow™ rétroéclairés

    Les jets laminaires créent des flux parfaits d'eau rétro-éclairés donnant un aspect relaxant. Les jets fonctionnent indépendamment des jets d'hydrothérapie, de sorte qu'ils peuvent transformer votre spa en un impressionnant spectacle lumineux dans votre jardin.

    Cascade apaisante

    Il n’y a rien de plus relaxant que le son de l’eau qui coule. Ajoutez une touche de lumière et vous créez le parfait cocon de bien-être pour vous relaxer.

    Drink holder and optional speaker holder

    It’s important to stay hydrated while in your spa. Our backlite coasters illuminate your drink and help reduce accidental spills. Included in Avante upgrade.

    Éclairage Hydroglow™

    Ces éclairages positionnés au niveau de la ligne d’eau sont personnalisables et apportent une ambiance colorée à votre spa.

    Diffuseur automatique d'aromathérapie

    L'aromathérapie est un traitement holistique qui utilise des extraits naturels de plantes pour promouvoir la santé et le bien-être et améliorer la santé physique et émotionnelle. Le diffuseur injecte automatiquement un parfum d'aromathérapie dans l'eau du bassin.

    Spa health indicator light (2024 models)

    The Vortex™ Spa health indicator light is designed to communicate the spa’s condition to spa user without having to lift the cover. The indicator lights up blue to show it is at the correct temperature, red to indicate a water temperature fluctuation over 5°C, or a fault.

    Chauffage à débit variable SpaNet™

    La série SpaNet™ SV est équipée d'un réchauffeur à sortie variable. Contrairement à la plupart des contrôleurs, cela signifie que lorsque la pompe à jet du spa est mise en marche, le réchauffeur se met en position DOWN plutôt qu'en position OFF. Cela présente l'avantage de maintenir la température du spa pendant que vous l'utilisez, plutôt que de le refroidir.

    Interface de pompe à chaleur intégrée SpaNet™ (en option)

    Si vous souhaitez économiser jusqu'à 75 % sur le coût de chauffage de votre spa, vous pouvez choisir la pompe à chaleur hybride SpaNet™ en option. Ce système intégré est plug and play avec le contrôleur SV.

    Audio and Wifi Kit (Optional)

    The 2024 Vortex Spas™ WiFi Audio Kit upgrade allows remote spa control and streaming of music or podcasts through high-definition speakers and a subwoofer, all from your smart device.

    Contemporary colour palette.

    Our contemporary colour palette is hand selected from the latest home design fashions. Created to please those with the most discerning tastes looking for intelligent colour solutions.


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    Shell Colours

    Sterling Silver
    Pearl Shadow

    Cabinet Colours

    Coastal Grey

    *Disclaimer: The 3D and AR models may show additional extras. Actual colours may differ from renders.

    Compare models

    The Hydrozone™ comes in four variations. Each model has exactly the same seating layout and features. However, the swim resistance zone has additional jets in the Pro, Pro+ and Extreme.

    Note: The electrical requirements for each model are: Plunge 15amp, Pro and Pro+ 32amp, and Extreme 45amp.

    Hydrozone Plunge™

    Hydrozone Plunge™

    The Hydrozone Plunge™ is perfect for family fun and ideally suited for standing fitness and aquasize for those who want to keep fit or recover. If you want to swim, the Pro, Pro+ or Extreme could be better suited for you, depending on your swimming ability.

    No Swim jets
    2 pumps
    0 swim jets
    Hydrozone Pro™

    Hydrozone Pro™

    The Hydrozone Pro™ is a step up from the Plunge with the added resistance of two powerful 150mm swim jets creating a current strong enough to swim, walk or jog against. This model is ideal for up to intermediate level swimming. More advanced swimmers may want to go for the Pro+ or Extreme models.

    2 swim jets
    3 pumps
    1,800 lpm
    2 swim jets
    Hydrozone Pro Plus

    Hydrozone Pro Plus

    Powered by three pumps, the Hydrozone Pro+ adds another level of resistance to your workout with three 150mm swim jets to step up your training. This model is perfect for every swimmer from beginner up to advanced as well as water joggers and those using aquatic fitness.

    3 swim jets
    4 pumps
    1,800 lpm
    3 swim jets
    Hydrozone Extreme™

    Hydrozone Extreme™

    The most powerful of the Hydrozone™ models, the Extreme™ adds some serious resistance to your swim training regime with four swim jets for advanced fitness training.

    4 swim jets
    5 pumps
    2,400 lpm
    4 swim jets

    Compare Hydrozone™ depth

    The Hydrozone™ swim spa is now available with extra depth. You can select the standard water depth of 1.3 metres or the 1.5 metre extra deep Hydrozone XD™ Swim Spa. Taller people or those who would like a deeper pool for swim or play, should seriously consider this option.

    Hydrozone™ 1.3m

    Hydrozone™ 1.3m

    The 1300mm deep model has the same seating configuration as the 1500mm deep XD model and boasts these advantages:

    less water so it costs less to heat and maintain
    lower price
    easier access
    1.3m depth
    Hydrozone™ XD 1.5m

    Hydrozone™ XD 1.5m

    The XD model has the same seating configuration as the 1300mm deep model but the 1500mm deep XD upgrade provides an added 200mm of of depth and is ideal for those who:

    are above average in height and are an average to athletic swimmer
    are above average height and are focused on vertical aquatic fitness
    have children that love doing bombs
    1.5m depth

    Why Choose an Avanté Upgrade

    Upgrade to the Hydrozone™ Swim Spa Avanté and take your spa experience to the next level with a range of features designed for added comfort and superior luxury. The Avanté model brings together a collection of Vortex™ Spas’ most popular upgrades which, when purchased together, offers significant savings.

    Hydrozone™ Swim Spa Standard
    Hydrozone™ Swim Spa Avanté
    If not 100% satisfied with your purchase, pay the return and we'll give your money back. Terms and conditions apply.
    You can replace many components on a spa, but not the shell. We've put our money where our mouth is. We stand behind every spa and swim spa we sell with our amazing 10 year shell warranty.
    Every Vortex Spa comes with a custom fitted, high density foam locking cover.
    The Water Clarifier uses ozone technology to oxidize and remove micro organics and metals that are smaller than 5 microns resulting in the clearest water available.
    This powerful LED flood light does the heavy lifting to illuminate your spa at night.
    This gives you total control from either inside or outside the spa. Turn your lights on/off, change colour and colour modes to fit your mood. Adjust the temperature to your desired comfort levels. Turn the jets or the air bubbles on/off to get the massage you desire.
    The UV-C technology found in the Purezone™ system is not new. In fact you will find it purifying drinking water and public swimming pools all around the world. However, Vortex Spas™ have pioneered it's use in spa pools. UV sterilization kills 99.9% of water borne viruses and bacteria, including the hard to reach Giardia and Cryptosporidium viruses.
    This dual layer insulation system ensures that not only the water in the spa is insulated, but also the water in the pipework. This option adds a higher level of heat retention than Vortex™ Spas' standard Thermolock™ Perimeter insulation.
    Hydroflow jets use bearing-less technology to make them the most advanced spa jet on the market.
    Chromotherapy uses colours to create an environment focused on health and harmony. Hydroglow™ backlit jets and topside control lighting provide an adjustable and variable Chromotherapy experience.
    The additional lighting to the water edge and functional outside lighting are included with the perimeter and cabinet lighting package. All lighting is customisable to suit your mood.
    Backlit drink holders are functional and beautiful. Illuminated drinks bring a special feel to night-time spas.
    They offer another level of aesthetic beauty. Working independently from the hydrotherapy jets they turn your spa into the perfect garden water feature.


    Detailed specifications for the Hydrozone™ swim spa.
    Specification Sheet
    Jet Featured Image
    2.30 m
    5.0 m
    PlungeProPro PlusExtremePlunge XDPro XDPro Plus XDExtreme XD
    Dry weight 1380 kg 1431 kg 1480 kg 1530 kg1450 kg 1500 kg1531 kg1580 kg
    Filled weight (including cover)8123 kg8174 kg8223 kg8273 kg8809 kg8859 kg8890 kg8939 kg
    Lift weight1900 kg1900 kg1900 kg1900 kg2000 kg2000 kg2000 kg2000 kg
    Intuitive spa controllerSV2+SV3SV2+SV3SV2+SV3SV2+SV4SV2+SV2SV2+SV3SV2+SV3SV2+SV4
    Programmable circulation pump22222222
    Jet pumps1+12+13+14+11+12+13+14+1
    Variable speed airblower11111111
    Variable output heater3kW + 3kW 6kW + 3kW 6kW + 3kW6kW+3kW6kW+3kW6kW+3kW6kW+3kW6kW+3kW
    Electrical requirements15+32 amps15+32 amps15+32 amps15+40 amps15+15 amps15+32 amps15+32 amps15+40 amps
    Water capacity6684 litres6684 litres6684 litres6684 litres

    Jet Layout

    The Hydrozone™ swim spa features a range of hydrotherapy jets for a relaxing massage and fitness training.
    Jet Featured Image

    Standard Jets

    Jet Icon
    4 x Jet de nage 150 mms
    Jet Icon
    5 x Jet rotatif simple 127 mms
    Jet Icon
    2 x Jet directionnel 127 mms
    Jet Icon
    6 x Jet Directionnel 75 mms
    Jet Icon
    9 x Jet rotatif simple 75 mms
    Jet Icon
    10 x Jet Directionnel 50 mms
    Jet Icon
    12 x Jet rotatif double de 50 mms
    Jet Icon
    16 x Jet blower 40 mms


    Hydrozone™ Extreme™ model shown.

    Jet Types

    Available jet types for this model.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    Jet de nage 150 mm

    Les jets de nage de 150 mm créent un courant suffisamment fort pour nager contre. Vous pouvez même personnaliser votre entraînement en ajustant la pression sur chaque jet individuellement.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    Jet rotatif simple 127 mm

    Ce grand spinner unique donne un effet de massage rotatif similaire à une masseuse utilisant son pouce de manière à pétrir. Ils procurent un massage du dos très efficace.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    Jet directionnel 127 mm

    Les jets directionnels de 127 mm procurent un massage intense des points de pression. Ceux-ci sont particulièrement efficaces pour traiter les muscles noués du dos.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    Jet Directionnel 75 mm

    Ce style de jets directionnels donne un massage ciblé mais moins intense des points de pression. Il est très efficace pour un traitement plus prolongé des muscles fatigués.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    Jet rotatif simple 75 mm

    Les jets rotatifs simples de 75 mm offrent un effet similaire à la plus grande variété de 127 mm, mais étant donné leur taille plus petite, l'effet de pétrissage est plus léger et plus ciblé.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    Jet Directionnel 50 mm

    Ces jets sont généralement utilisés dans des banques de 8 jets ou plus et sont souvent couplés à des spinners jumeaux de 50 mm pour donner une thérapie de massage par points de pression de style shiatsu.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    Jet rotatif double de 50 mm

    Le spinner double de 50 mm offre un effet de massage pulsé idéal pour la thérapie du cou et des épaules ou dans le cadre d'un traitement de massage de style shiatsu lorsqu'il est associé à des jets directionnels de 50 mm.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    Jet blower 40 mm

    Comme son nom l'indique, les jets blower de 40 mm émettent un flux d'air par opposition à un flux d'eau. Ceux-ci sont presque toujours utilisés sous les jambes et les fesses pour offrir un massage relaxant des tissus mous.



    The Vortex Spas™ range of spas is covered by comprehensive warranty agreements providing peace of mind when you purchase Vortex Spas™.

    Download Warranty
    lifetime warranty icon
    Garantie à vie

    Vortex Permaframe™ est garanti à vie contre une perte d'intégrité structurelle entraînant la mise hors service du spa.

    Garantie de 10 ans sur la coque

    Tous les spas et spas de nage Vortex ont une garantie de 10 ans sur la coque. Cela signifie que si la coque du bassin se fissure entraînant une perte d'eau dans une période de 10 ans, elle sera réparée ou remplacée.

    Garantie de 5 ans sur la feuille acrylique

    Tous les spas et spas de nage Vortex ont une garantie de 5 ans sur la feuille acrylique. Cela signifie que si la surface acrylique présente des cloques entraînant une perte d'eau dans une période de 5 ans, la coque du bassin sera réparée ou remplacée.

    Garantie de 5 ans sur la plomberie, le chauffage et les jets d'eau

    Le système de plomberie de tous les Vortex Spas™ est garanti contre les fuites pendant 5 ans. Le chauffage et les jets de tous les Vortex Spas™ sont garantis contre les défauts pendant une période de 5 ans.

    Garantie de 2 ans sur la pompe, l'électronique et la couverture

    La pompe de circulation, le système de contrôle électronique et la couverture des spas et spas de nage Vortex ont une garantie de 2 ans. Veuillez consulter votre magasin local pour connaître tous les détails de la garantie.


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